Building a Wrestling Ring

Building a wrestling ring is really not a very difficult work. If necessary materials and tools are present, then the task can be completed just within a matter of few hours. Following is a step by step guideline for building an excellent wrestling ring.

First, a suitable location has to be selected for the ring. Then, all the grass, dirt, weeds, sharp objects and unnecessary objects have to be removed. The area should be properly leveled. The next thing is to take the measurements of the dimensions of the cleared area. Simply, the size of the eventual ring has to be measured, the size depends on the available amount of space.

Thick foam of 2 inches is to be taken and cut according to the dimensions of the ring. If it is not available then two or more thinner sheets can be stuck together. The thickness should not be less than 2 inches at any cost.

After that, the foam has to be covered from all sides with waterproof material. There should be no gaps in the edges of the covering otherwise the rain water can penetrate inside and damage the foam. If it is possible, sewing machine can be used for sealing the edges.

Now, a piece of plywood has to be taken and has to be cut it in such a manner that it is equal to the foam in dimensions. The plywood has to be laid on the cleared ground, it will form the base of the ring. Now, the foam has to be placed over the plywood and the two can be pasted together.

The four corners of the plywood have to be marked on the ground. A hole that is at least 1 foot deep has to be dug in each marked region. The corner post has to be placed in each hole. Some cement has to be poured in the hole and the remaining space can be filled up with dirt. The posts should be given at least 24 to 48 hours for allowing the cement to dry.

Each post has to be covered with foam. It can be either glue or elastic bands. After this, a hook has to be placed on the outer corner of the post. The height of the hook has to be measured to ensure that the height of the other hooks on the remaining three posts is also same.

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